Freight Wagons Manufacturing

Within the framework of general and specific instructions that the General Directorate of TCDD has determined, our company carries out maintenance, repair and production of new wagons for passenger and freight wagons according to TÜE,  UIC criterias. Our factory which manufactures parts of passenger wagons operates in Sefaköy and our factory which manufactures parts of freight wagons operates in Sivas Organized Industrial Zone.

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Passenger & Freight Wagon Accessories Production

For passenger wagons, transom window, ventilation ducts and racks production is made for all types of wagons by our company. Also for DM and M tools of DMU type wagons,  accessories, passenger compartment windows and air ducts are manufactured.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of shelf systems and we try to offer alternative solutions with different products. We produce shelf systems for different purposes of different sectors by developing them as practical and multipurpose.

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Furniture Production

Our company, which has acquired the mission of quality, trust and full service policy on time by combining our know-how and experience, continues to provide services to the sector with a total of 50 people in 5000 square meters indoor area in İkitelli OSB.

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